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About Us: 

Advanced Nerve Conduction Studies, LLC (ANCS) is a provider of in-office diagnostic testing services throughout the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut areas.  We specialize in working with physicians across multiple disciplines in the healthcare industry providing a multitude of services. 

ANCS was established in response to a great demand for highly sophisticated medical diagnostic testing provided within physician’s practices/facilities.  ANCS offers precise diagnostic equipment and services to physician offices, clinics, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.   

In-office nerve conduction velocity studies and ultrasonic imaging are quickly becoming standards of care in today’s private practices. Having this type of testing capability in-office will help physicians improve diagnostic accuracy, offer patients a higher level of care and enhance services by creating the equivalent of a diagnostic testing center within a doctor’s practice.  At the same time, ANCS serves to substantially supplement the revenue of the practice and enhance their bottom line; a welcome scenario for today’s modern day private practice.

Annual Charities:

We proudly donate on an annual basis to the following charities and organizations:  

Make a Wish Foundation
American Diabetes Association
Junior Diabetes Research Foundation
Angela’s House
International Red Cross
March of Dimes
American Cancer Society
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
ALS Walk-A-Thon
International Red Cross
Veteran of Foreign Wars

                                         Servicing the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.

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