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Advantages of Diagnostic Testing:

Patient Advantages: 

  Convenient and familiar office setting

  Non-invasive, side effect free testing

  Extend care based on medical necessity

  Improved understanding of condition

  Expedited reports

 Clinical Advantages:

  Enhanced study of soft-tissue injuries and pathologies

  Objectify subjective patient complaints

  Document and substantiate nerve damage/impairment

  Setup treatment plans based on medical findings

  Remove, adjust or add medications based on results, not symptoms

 Practice Advantages:

  No fees or cash outlay to begin services in most instances

  More services to help diagnose and treat patients

  All testing data available same day in most instances

  Treatment and referral option are at your discretion

  Limit referrals outside your practice

  Substantially increase revenues

                                         Servicing the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.

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